arnie the doughnut


lifeline Theatre

march 2011

Directed by: Elise Kauzlaric

Scenic Design: Melania Lancy

Lighting Design: Sarah Hughey

Costume Design: Kat Doebler

Sound Design: Joe Court

During the song “A Bumpy Ride”, Arnie rides in a giant paper bag alongside Mr. Bing. Scenic designer, Melania Lancy creates a fun doughnut car that looks more like a deep fried Segway. The design is whimsically thrilling.  The colors in Lancy’s set are just as vibrant as Keller’s book. Also, Kat Doebler’s costumes allow for wonderfully fanciful transformations of characters. Joe Court’s sound design is the sprinkles on top, particularly one great gag implementing the Psycho sound effect. - Jason Rost, Chicago Theater Blog